Welcome, Thank you for your interest in the
Manor Hall Academy Trust.

The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a growing Multi Academy Trust. The strength of the Trust and its distinctive feature is that it is a Collaborative Educational Trust between Special Schools who meet a range of needs. Schools, working together with the same values creating secure foundations for the future.

Historically, the special school sector has been a strength in Staffordshire. This was in no small part down to how special schools worked together in collaboration. We believe this strength is something we cannot lose and that special schools share common problems and issues which require similar solutions. In the future, the growth of the Manor Hall Trust and its Special School membership can only be to the benefit of the individual schools and most importantly the children and young adults. We also recognise that historic boundaries are gradually disappearing and we are open to working with schools across the West Midlands.

As the Manor Hall Academy Trust embeds its operational systems it continues to look to expand. There is a commitment to encourage mainstream schools to join the membership. This would be a great opportunity for mainstream schools to make their mark and work with special schools colleagues; especially in these times of SEND reforms and transformation.

Richard Redgate, Chief Executive, Manor Hall Academy Trust